The Irish Film Board is sponsoring the event will take place during independent digital festival Darklight in Dublin on Oct 20.

The Irish Film Board (IFB) will sponsor the Darklight Industry Symposium which takes place on Oct 20 as part of the Darklight Digital Festival in Dublin.

The event will feature a panel on alternative means of distribution with industry experts including Film 4 commissioning editor for digital initiatives Anna Higgs, Sheffield Doc/Fest programmer Hussain Currimbhoy, Dogwoof’s Anna Sissons, documentary film-maker Jeanie Finlay and producer Rachel Lysaght. It will be moderated by the Irish Film Board’s production executive Alan Maher.

There will also be a session, What Programmers Want, which will give film-makers the chance to pitch their ideas and receive feedback from the panel.

Also on the agenda is a A DIY SFX programme - SFX Unplugged -  put together by Coatwolf Studios, the producers of low budget feature Bellflower which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and a workshop on crowd funding.

Commenting on the festival James Hickey, IFB Chief Executive said “The Darklight Festival has earned an excellent reputation for exploring new boundaries in experimental filmmaking, looking at the latest international developments in the space where digital technologies and film converge. This year’s symposium will offer up a wide range of events which should be of great interest to an industry audience.”

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