The 35th Cairo Film Festival will implement a new structure in order to benefit from state support.

In the wake of the Arab Spring uprising last January, the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) has announced it will celebrate its 35th year with a number of changes in place.

Organisers hope these changes will mark a new stage in the history of the festival and allow the Egyptian film industry to flourish in the country’s new age.

The festival has implemented a new structure in order to benefit from State support. This has resulted in the creation of the Cairo International Film Festival Foundation (CIFFF), comprised of members of the festival’s artistic office as well as recognised professionals in the field of film production, implementation and criticism in Egypt.

Keeping with the revolutionary spirit that fuelled last year’s uprising, the festival organisers hope to “defend freedom in all its forms: freedom of thought, expression and creation”.

In addition to two official competitions, this year’s event will include several new initiatives in an attempt to make the event a global attraction. These include master classes from international filmmakers, script development workshops and a number of outdoor sessions taking place in historic sites around the city.

The Cairo International Film Festival will take place from November 27 to December 6.