The Berlinale has completed the selection for its Perspektive Deutsches Kino strand.

The lineup comprises 14 films: nine full-length fiction features and five medium-long fiction titles and documentaries.

The programme will open with feature Hüter meines Bruders by director Maximilian Leo.

This year’s Perspektive Deutsches Kino list:

Amma & Appa by Franziska Schönenberger (documentary)

Anderswo (Anywhere Else) by Ester Amrami

Bosteri unterm Rad (Bosteri Beneath the Wheel) by Levin Hübner (documentary)

El carro azul (The Blue Car) by Valerie Heine

Flowers of Freedom by Mirjam Leuze (documentary)

Hüter meines Bruders (My Brother’s Keeper) by Maximilian Leo

Lamento by Jöns Jönsson

Nebel (Fog) by Nicole Vögele (documentary)

Raumfahrer (Spacemen) by Georg Nonnenmacher (documentary)

Der Samurai by Till Kleinert

Szenario (Scenario) by Philip Widmann and Karsten Krause

Tape_13 by Axel Stein

Die Unschuldigen (The Innocents) by Oskar Sulowski

Zeit der Kannibalen (Age of Cannibals) by Johannes Naber