French production outfit Oscar & Rosalie has picked up the $40,000 (€30,000) Sofica La Banque Postal Image award for development funding at the Les Arcs Film Festival.

Elsewhere Perhaps was one of 20 films taking part in the Les Arcs 1950 co-production Village, which ran Dec 11-14.

Deborah Munzer, co-founder of Paris-based Oscar & Rosalie, collected the award on Tuesday evening.

The drama is written and to be directed by first-time French filmmaker Victoria Kaario. It is an adaptation of the Amos Oz novel of the same name about a 1960s Israeli kibbutz that becomes unsettled after a young girl becomes pregnant.

The Hebrew-language project has previously received funding from the Verbe & Lumière Foundation (€20,000) and the Kibbutz of Hatzerim (€220,000). Munzer and her producing partner Fabrice Bigio are aiming for a budget of €1.8m.

Oscar & Rosalie were looking for German co-producers in particular as the film’s protagonists are German-Jews.

Today French distributors and exhibitors will gather in Les Arcs for the DIRE (European United Independent Distributors) days section of the festival, during which French independent distributors including Ad Vitam, Bac Films, Diaphana, Les Films du Losange, Haut et Court, Memento, Le Pacte, Pyramide, Rezo Films and Wild Bunch will each present one European film from their 2011 line-up to an audience of 100 exhibitors and journalists.

On Monday, Miso Film producer Jonas Allen won the festival’s inaugural European Ski-cup, a slalom competition for industry professionals attending the festival. Allen clocked a time only six seconds off former Olympic champion Jean-Luc Cretier who opened the event.