credit_Francesco Martello_DOXAWARD

CPH:DOX 2024 provides calm space for documentary community in fraught times

“People have time for conversations – they create a lot of space for that.”

Grand Theft Hamlet

How the UK first-time directors of ‘Grand Theft Hamlet’ made a film within a game

“Grand Theft Auto and Hamlet - it’s these two cultural beacons that are often misunderstood.”

the flats

Belfast housing estate documentary ‘The Flats’ takes CPH:DOX 2024 main prize

Recognition for UK co-productions including ‘Two Strangers Trying Not To Kill Each Other’.


Ukrainian school documentary ‘Timestamp’ leads CPH:DOX industry winners

Tanzania-UK co-production ‘Children Of Honey’ also takes a prize.

Alex Gibney

Alex Gibney talks upcoming Elon Musk, George Orwell and David Chase docs

Gibney says he “keeps reaching out” to Musk to be involved, but without success so far.


Mara Gourd-Mercado on developing CPH:DOX’s industry activities

Documentary festival’s new head of industry and training talks raising money and creating a safe space for discussions.

13_LIFE_cred. Maria von Hauswolf

“Does life have a purpose?”: Max Kestner ponders the themes of his CPH:DOX opener ‘Life And Other Problems’

“If science says ‘communities are not real’, I would try to argue against it.”


How CPH:DOX is working to bring a culture of documentary viewing to all Danish audiences

“We are not a Copenhagen event for the whole country; we are co-creating a festival with the municipalities.”

CPH:DOX reviews

the flats

‘The Flats’: CPH:DOX Review

The past casts a permanent shadow over a West Belfast housing estate in this CPH:DOX winner


‘Motherboard’: CPH:DOX Review

The highs and lows of life as a single parent over two decades are captured in this affecting documentary from the UK

The Battle For Laikipia

’The Battle For Laikipia’: CPH: DOX Review

A devastating drought pushes tensions between tribes and white landowners in Kenya’s Laikipia to breaking point

The Bones

‘The Bones’: CPH:DOX Review

Fascinating excavation of the true value of dinosaur bones to finders, collectors, museums and scientists


‘Immortals’: CPH:DOX Review

Young Iraqis born after the 2003 US occupation try to carve out their own lives in a repressive Baghdad