The festival will take place on the US island of Guam in the Western Pacific.

The first Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) will run on the Western Pacific island of Guam from Sept 30 – Oct 2.

Founded by Don and Kel Muña, the inaugural GIFF aims to showcase the film-making talent of the Pacific Asia region as well as promoting the island as a cultural destination.

The three day festival will include screenings of international independent films, filmmaking workshops, gala events and award ceremonies.

Festival director J.D. Iriarte, who was formerly Paramount Studios director of development, said: “GIFF is crucial to the evolution of entertainment and moviemaking on Guam, and it only makes sense that it is brought together by Guam’s first full length movie creators, the Muña Bros.”

 “The concept behind GIFF is to bring Guam’s local talent to the forefront and to showcase our island hospitality, rich culture and panoramic landscape to the world,” added GIFF co-executive producer Don Muña.