Independent distribution outfit the Feature Film Company (FFC) has teamed up with Seattle-based Internet distributor AtomFilms to secure a number of short films a theatrical outing in the UK.

The deal, sealed by overseas outpost AtomFilms Europe, is the first UK theatrical deal the Seattle outfit has secured for its short films. The shorts will be released along with FFC's upcoming Broken Vessels release in cinemas from June 2 this year.

'All the film world is waiting to see how technological advancements such as the internet will affect the industry. This deal enables us to explore the possibilities afforded,' said FFC's David Holloway.

The release will be followed up by a selection of short films to be released as part of FFC's American Independents series which will launch on July 4 to coincide with US independence day.

AtomFilms Europe managing director Michael Comish said: 'This represents a significant first for Atom and shows that traditional distribution channels realise the value that content such as ours can provide.'

Broken Vessels, a film detailing the story of two ambulance drivers who turn to drugs and one night stands to get through the stress and pressure, stars Todd Field and Jason London and is directed by first-time feature director Scott Ziehl. The short film to accompany the release will be chosen by FFC with the assistance of AtomFilms Europe.

AtomFilms Europe and its arrangement with Feature Film Company follows hot-on-the-heels of fledgling UK distribution outfit Optimum Releasing's decision late last year to include a short film with every major feature release in the UK.