The TorontoInternational Film Festival Group's Film Circuit will present seven Canadiantitles during a tour of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic ofIreland from Feb 19-May 5.

The fifth annual event, entitled Canadian Cinema Showcase: North Of Hollywood,features recent Canadian productions including Thom Fitzgerald's 3 Needles, Francis Leclerc's Memoires Affectives (UK/Irish premiere), Bernard Emond's La Neuvaine (UK/Irish premiere), and Ruba Nadda's Sabah (UK/Irish premiere).

Other titles include Robin Aubert's Saints-Martyrs-Des-Damnes (UK/Irish premiere), Aubrey Nealon's A SimpleCurve (UK/Irish premiere), and AtomEgoyan's 1994 classic Exotica.

Several of the filmmakers and their actors will join the tour including Nadda,Aubert and Nealon as well as actor Guy Thauvette in support of MemoiresAffectives.

The tour is co-ordinated by London-based distributor Soda Pictures inpartnership with the Canadian High Commission London, and funded by ForeignAffairs Canada, the Canadian Embassy in Dublin and the Quebec Government Officein London.