The scheme is aimed at bringing together artists and the wider creative community to allow people to create short animations.

The online project This Exquisite Forest, conceived by visual artist Chris Milk and digital media artist Aaron Koblin and presented by Tate and Google, launched today.

The scheme is designed to bring together artists, gallery visitors and a wider online creative community and will allow people to create short animations that form collaboratively into ‘trees’.

To get the project started, seven artists from Tate’s collection have created a series of short animation sequences using a web-based drawing tool developed by Google. Users of the website and visitors to the gallery are invited to draw and animate new sequences, continuing the ‘seeds’.

Film 4.0 has invited a number of filmmakers to produce animations and to build Film 4.0’s own ‘tree’. Among those confirmed are Domestic Infelicity, Tomek Ducki, Julia Pott, Richard Kenworthy from Shynola, Kibwe Tavares, Chris Shepherd, Karni & Saul, Joe Tucker and Peque Varela, alongside the Tate artists.

Aaron Koblin said of the venture, “This project is an experiment in collaborative creativity. It’s about allowing people to connect and express themselves in new ways. It’s also about experimenting with modern web technologies and taking advantage of the newest features in Chrome.”

The Exquisite Forest can be accessed via the website and through a physical installation at Tate Modern in London, which opens on July 23.