Animal's People

Dir/prod: Michael Anderson

Prod co: Quadrapedal Films

Language: English

Synopsis: Based on the Booker Prize-nominated novel by Indra Sinha about a boy living with the consequences of an explosion in a chemical factory.

Bandra Fair

Dir: Judith Varma

Prod: Sudhir Mishra

Prod co: Cineraas Entertainment

Language: English

Synopsis: A former Catholic priest returns home from to Mumbai to break the news to his mother that not only has he left the priesthood, but is married with two daughters.

A Different Childhood

Dir: Brahmanand Singh

Prod: Joy Sengupta / Rajesh Pavithran

Prod co: Born Free Cine Paradise

Language: Hindi

Synopsis: Drama exploring the issues surrounding, and possible solutions to, the global problem of child labour.

Happy Ending

Dir/prod: Anurag Kashyap

Prod co: Anurag Kashyap Productions

Language: English / Hindi / French

Synopsis: Thriller set over four days in Mumbai about a girl's life-long search for her father.


Dir/prod: Mangesh Joshi

Prod co: Pravah Nirmitee

Language: Hindi

Synopsis: A young shoe-shine boy cannot believe his luck when he is chosen to be the hero of a film. But when time passes and nothing is heard of the project, he starts to search for the filmmakers.

The Breakers

Dir; Rajan Khosa

Prod: Rajan Khosa

Prod co: Elephant Eye

Language: XX

Synopsis: DUMMY COPY A young shoe-shine boy cannot believe his luck when he is chosen to be the hero of a film. But when time passes and nothing is heard of the project, he starts to search for the filmmakers.

Miss Lovely

Dir: Ashim Ahluwalia

Prods: Shumona Goel & Ashim Ahluwalia

Prod co: Future East

Language: Hindi

Synopsis: Drama revolving around two brothers who produce sleazy C-grade films, and the innocent, baby-faced beauty who mysteriously appears in their lives.

Most Wanted

Dir: Manu Gautam

Prod: Ashutosh Deshmukh

Prod co: Freeze Frame

Language: Hindi

Synopsis: The tables are turned against the flashy anchor of a sensational live show that brings to the public the country's worst criminals for them to condemn.

Samuel Karthikeya

Dir: Prakash Kovelamudi

Prod: Prakash Kovelamudi & Suresh Babu

Prod co: A Bellyful of Dreams & Suresh Productions

Language: Tamil / Hindi

Synopsis: A Christian boy of Hindu birth develops an angry alter-ego, named Karthikeya, which seeks justice in the night.

Simply Love

Dir: Murali Nair

Prod: Elliot Tong

Prod co: Foxy Brown Entertainment

Language: Hindi / Chinese

Synopsis: A software engineer realises his dreams and secures a job in Hong Kong, but his happiness is complicated by the fact that he is engaged to marry a girl in India.


Dir/prod: Shaji Karun

Language: Malayalam & Hindi

Synopsis: A young woman's studies are interrupted when she is brought home by her father at the behest of her mother whom she hasn't seen for 16 years.

This Is Not A Love Story

Dir: Anahata Menon

Prod: Dushyant Singh

Prod co: Back 2 Back Entertainment & Mesmer

Language: Hindi

Synopsis: Drama following the real-life experiences of a young Indian man who undergoes a sex change.


Breaking Into Bollywood

Dir: Adam Dow

Prod: Ruchika Muchhala

Prod co: Thirdkulture Films

Desperate In The Desert

Dir: Geeta Singh

Prod: Avinash Kumar Singh

Prod co: I Stylus

The Disappearing World: Bees In A Crisis

Dir: Mike Pandey

Prods: Gautam Pandey, Arjun Pandey

Prod co: Riverbank Studios

Fifty Years Apart: Tales From Sarbatwalla Chowk

Dir: Kaevan Umrigar

Prod: Kaevan Umrigar & Vinoo Krishnan

Prod co: Floating Weeds

Gang Of Seven

Dir: Nitin K

Prod: Nitin K

Prod co: Dissolve Studio

The Glacial Tragedy

Dir: Pramod Mathur

Prod: Neelima Mathur

Prod co: Spotfilms

Killer Punch

Dir: Sudhesh Unniraman

Prod: Iqbal Malhotra

Prod co: AIM Television Pvt. Ltd

Mad About IIT - JEE

Dir: Preeti Mankar

Prod: Preeti Mankar & Suri Gopalan

Prod co: 517 Productions & 1947 Films

Of Many Lives

Dir: Bidyut Kotoky

Prod: Bidyut Kotoky

Prod co: Dhruv Creative Production

Travels Of My T-shirt

Dir: Ranjan Kamath

Prod: Ranjan Kamath

Prod co: RKO Moving Media Pvt. Ltd