Dutch film festival, Film by the Sea (5 -14 September) is adding three days to its programme and introducing a new location.

This year's fifth edition will last three days longer and, in addition to the Cine City-cinema in Vlissingen in Zeeland, part of the program will be shown in the Pathe Theatre in the coastal town of Scheveningen (8-13 September).

Film by the Sea was established to act as the opening of the Dutch film season. Besides a number of avant-premieres, the festival also focuses on special themes - especially the relationship between film and literature.

A special jury, headed by Dutch writers Ronald Giphart and Connie Palmen, judges film adaptations of novels. Last year the Euros 10,000 award was given to Italian director Silvio Soldini for Burning In The Wind, based on the novel Hier by Agota Kristov.

As in previous years Film by The Sea will focus on one European territory. This year Italy will be the subject of its Eurofocus sidebar. As well as recent Italian productions the section will feature an homage to Federico Fellini, including a special screening of Otto E Mezzo.

Attempts to create a similar, competing festival in Amsterdam, to have been sponsored by Orange, the Dutch daily De Telegraaf and broadcasting company SBS, have not been successful.