The UKFilm Council US is doubling its support for start-up and smaller independentsales companies at this year's AFM.

The movewill allow many companies to exhibit there for the first time and others tocontinue their push to international buyers.

Underthe single banner of the UKFCUS export office: Carnaby International, CentreFilm Sales, Cross Day Productions, Framework Entertainment, High Point Films,Hollywood Classics, Independent Film Sales (IFS), Lumina Films and VisualFactory and will bring films to the market.

SamanthaHorley of Lumina Films commented, "This initiative sends a strong message thatthe Film Council is committed to helping sales agents as well as producers.From my perspective, it means that I am not going to be under pressure to closedeals on films in pre-production just to cover my office costs, when it wouldbe better for the film to wait."