London is to be host to the UK's new MEDIA Desk, the system of national outposts run by the European Commission's Media Plus support programme.

The MEDIA Desk is to be hosted by the Film Council, which will inject up to Euros150,000. It goes live immediately, headed by Agnieszka Moody.

In addition to supplying information and guidance on the various strands of the $362m (Euro400m) Media Programme, the Desk will also co-ordinate antennae in Northern Ireland and Wales.

The UK has been without a properly-funded central Media Desk for over two years. And although the majority of Britain's film industry is grouped in London, MEDIA information transited through a part time service based in Scotland.

John Woodward, Film Council chief executive, said: "The reinstatement of the UK MEDIA desk shows both the Film Council's commitment to the European film industry generally and specifically a desire for the UK to maximise its share of this revenue funding."