FilmFour andIntermedia will work together on a feature film adaptation of Baghdad Blog, written by Iraqi architect Salam Paxabout his daily life in Baghdad before, during and after the invasion.

Snowcake director Marc Evans will direct, withRoss Klavan, who wrote Tigerland, adapting the script.

Scott Kroopf andOllie Madden will produce for Intermedia and Peter Carlton is representing thefilm for FilmFour. Asif Kapadia will serve as an executive producer.

Pax's blog wasserialized in UK newspaper The Guardian and subsequently published in book form.

The project willshoot this autumn.

"Insider warstories are so often about the combatants," said Evans. "Salam'saccount is uniquely different. It is about what it's like to have war arrive onyour doorstep. How he keeps his sense of humour throughout what he calls the'liber-vasion' of Baghdad is a miracle in itself. Or maybe it's his sense ofhumour that allows him to keep his sanity. Either way it makes for veryinspiring material and a fantastic opportunity (and challenge) for us asfilm-makers."