Thailand 's Film Frame Productions is launching action comedy drama Brave at the Bangkok Film Market, which kicks off today (July 23). The $1.2m picture - high by local standards - is a co-production with Aflin Shauki's Malaysian outfit Vision Works.

The picture marks the first completed project of Thanapon Maliwan's Film Frame (formerly known as In Dream Productions).

Thanapon is the son of veteran filmmaker Chokchai Pechpanna whose company Pechpanna Productions has made more than three dozen films since 1976, including the original Born To Fight series in the 1980s which starred Panna Rittikrai, action director of Ong Bak.

Inspired by real-life international credit card fraud, Thanapon co-wrote the story with up-and-coming writer Nat Nuampang and shared directing credits with Aflin.

Aflin and newcomer Pairote 'B' Boongerd, a Thai stuntman-turned-actor, play two innocent men drawn into the criminal underworld. Thai actress Supaksorn 'Kratae' Chaimongkol co-stars.

Thanapon's credits as a director include 2004's Cholesterol Love, a Thai remake of a Malaysian romantic comedy hit. His company also offers production services to international productions filming in Thailand, such as Korea 's Monopoly.

Aflin is not only a commercially successful director, with a string of local box office hits such as Buli Balik and Baik Punya Cilok, but also a popular comedian.

The picture was shot entirely in Thailand and is currently in post-production. It aims to have a market premiere at the AFM while the release in Thailand is expected this October, followed by Malaysia towards year-end.