Cultivate to offer film education programmes for those working in cinema and festival sector; April launch.

Film London today announced Cultivate: Inspiring Future Audiences, a training programme for ‘film educators’ within the exhibition sector. The scheme is backed by Skillset.

Topics on the course will include “navigating the primary and secondary curriculum, inspiring young people, programming suitable films and developing study guides, issues around licensing and child protection and engaging a range of audiences as well as stakeholders and potential partners”.

Cultivate is aimed at those working in the exhibition sector who “want to extend a venue or a festival’s reach, encourage community links and strengthen industry infrastructure.”

The BFI, the Barbican and Glasgow Youth Film Festival will be represented on the timetable, while distributors such as Soda Pictures will also present case studies on best practice.

Adrian Wootton, CEO of Film London and the British Film Commission said: “In Cultivate, Film London are extending and developing our support of the exhibition sector. We have identified an area which can really benefit from appropriate training and, with the support of Skillset, we can pilot this innovative course. Following the Henley Review and the FPR, film education is in the spotlight, and rightly so, and I’m delighted Cultivate compliments other national initiatives currently being rolled out across the UK. Our ambition for Cultivate is that it will not only help identify film education within the exhibition sector as a desirable addition to a strong audience development strategy, but confirm its vital role in growing audiences and enriching young people’s cultural experience with film.”

Dan Simmons, Head of Film at Skillset said: “We are delighted to be supporting the pilot of Cultivate with Film London. This is an innovative training programme for film exhibition professionals that will help them make the most of their relationships with schools and young people. This scheme will help strengthen the exhibition sector’s audience and business development skills, and will support the education of the next generation of film audiences”.