Film London has now opened traineeapplications for its new Company Placement Scheme, which is offering six-monthpaid posts at film and TV production companies.

Film London already has thescheme's six companies on board: Karen Hamilton Productions, TwofourProductions, Diverse Productions, Number 9 Films, Tigerlily Films, andAdventure Pictures.

"It is often incrediblyhard for people starting out in the film industry despite their talent andperseverance," said writer/director Sally Potter of Adventure Pictures. "I amdelighted to be involved in a scheme that allows young people a foot in thedoor of a sometimes closed industry. I look forward to meeting the newaddition to our team."

Newcomers to the industry who live in GreaterLondon are eligible for the programme. Trainees will receive an individual workplan and career guidance, as well as at least the minimum wage and 10 daysholiday.