Film London hasstarted a new scheme to create paid work placements for film industry traineesworking in London.

Under the new programme,Film London will provide up to six selected companies with 75% of the totalsalary of the placement for up to six months, HR support including trainingplans, and general recruitment advice and support.

The companies will provide theremaining salary, a structured work plan and a supervisor for the trainee.

The Company Placement Scheme is open tosmall and medium-sized companies registered with Companies House working in thefilm, TV or moving-image sector. Companies must be in Greater London, andtrainees must also live in Greater London.

"We hope this scheme will provide valuableassistance to companies wishing to develop their training programmesas well as offering opportunities to people from all backgrounds to get theirfoot on the industry ladder," said Trisha Boland, head of skills and developmentat Film London.

Companies can apply through January 16. For more information, visit