Film and television executives from more than 35 companies in Colombia and the rest of Latin America, the US and Europe explored business opportunities at the recent Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM).

The event is the brainchild of the Bogota Chamber Of Commerce and Proimagenes En Movimiento, with support from the Colombian Film Development Fund, and was set up to develop Colombia’s creative industries and build global ties.

Thirty-four Colombian projects in development were in the market and there were screenings of 26 films completed over the past two years.

Among the international participants were Gael Nouaille from Wild Bunch, Mineko Mori and Betsy Megel from Paramount, Alexandra Galvis of Barcelona-based Parallel40 Sur, Mariela Lebrero from Disney, Anna Kokurina, Steve Freedman and Tom Siegrist of Fox, Pape Boye from new Paris-based sales agency Coach 14, representatives from UK-based Goldcrest, and Francisco Puech on behalf of Brazil’s O2 Filmes.

“I think that the audiovisual sector in Colombia is in a very good position for continued growth,” international consultant and producer Jason Resnick said. “With respect to the movie business, since the creation of the Film Law in 2003, the number of local films released each year has increased from two or three films per year to approximately 15. 

“I think what Colombia has to offer are diverse, unique and astoundingly beautiful locations, many of which are in a 500-kilometre radius of Bogota. Also, as the Colombian film business is a young industry, the costs of shooting here are much lower than most other countries in the Americas. Getting to Colombia is much easier than many foreigners think.”

BAM ran from July 7-9.