The Film Sales Company president Andrew Herwitz has picked up worldwide rights to three films ahead of their world premieres at SXSW.

Mars is an animated comedy directed by Geoff Marslett starring Mark Duplass as one of three astronauts who set out to become the first explorers to set foot on the red planet.

Jeff Malmberg’s documentary Marewncol charts the life of photographer Mark Hogancamp, whose pictures chronicle harrowing moments from his past played out in a miniature scale World War II town he constructed and populated with GI Joe and Barbie doll facsimiles of his friends and family.

The documentary Greenlit is the feature directorial debut of The Squid And The Whale executive producer Miranda Bailey.

It chronicles the fallout after a Hollywood production team hires a green consultant to institute a more environmentally friendly film set with surprising results.

Herwtiz also represents His & Hers, a documentary portrait of the cycle of a woman’s life that won Sundance’s World Cinema Cinematography Award and will also screen in SXSW.