A group of students at Prague's FAMU film academy have pulled off one of the most audacious stunts in the country's short history.

The hundreds of people who made the journey to the Prague suburb of Letnany for the grand opening of giant new superstore were outraged when they discovered the much-advertised Cesky Sen ('Czech Dream') hypermarket was nothing but an a student film school project. A film crew was on hand to record their reactions.

With security guards standing by to prevent a riot, students Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda broke the news to the gathered throng on Saturday. The 'surprise' promised in a high-profile advertising campaign (including 200,000 flyers) which promised low prices, was that the store didn't actually exist. The students even recorded a jingle for the fictitious hypermarket.

The Czech Ministry of Culture's State Fund for the Support of Cinematography funded the project, and Klusak and Remunda will make a feature-length documentary about the stunt (co-produced by Czech Television) to be released in spring 2004.