UK and Moroccan Government officials have completed negotiations on a film co-production agreement that will enable UK and Moroccan film-makers to co-produce films eligible for national status in both countries.

The treaty is due to come into effect in the first half of next year.

Commenting on the agreement, Culture minister Barbara Follett said 'The United Kingdom and Morocco have a shared history of film-making, from Lawrence of Arabia to more recent productions like Black Hawk Down and Troy.'

This agreement will give film-makers an economic incentive to work together and build on that legacy, by giving them access to the benefits available in both countries. As Morocco continues to be a hot location for film-makers, this further strengthening of our cultural ties can only be a good thing.'

The co-production agreement with Morocco will give film-makers access to funding and support in both countries; provide an incentive to film-makers to use UK post-production facilities for films shot in Morocco; and provide UK films with access to distribution networks in Morocco and further afield in North Africa.

Chief Executive Officer of the UK Film Council John Woodward also voiced his support for the agreement: 'The UK is delighted to be taking its filmmaking relationship with Morocco a stage further, through the forthcoming signing of a co-production treaty.'

This will provide a really exciting opportunity for Moroccan and British filmmakers, artists and technicians to work together and to share stories by allowing them to share financial resources and to get films made. As such it's a fantastic way of building up and sustaining both of our industries, which is ever more important in the global economy of film.'