In advance of the second part of its Euro Expansion Conference, to be held in Berlin on October 20 - 21, Germany's Film20 producer lobby group held a press conference in Berlin to set the agenda.

Titled 'Pro Extension in the film business' the event set out the strategy of getting the dynamics of change going. According to Film20 general secretary Georgia Tornow, "the dynamics of change must be started now across Europe' only with a strategy that includes the strengths and specialities of all members can the expansion of the EU be used to develop the European film market"

Following the first part of its congress: 'Discovering expansion opportunities' which was held in Vienna in September, the second part will be devoted to the topic 'Winning together - strategic consultation for projects in the film industry'.

Film20 believes that as the EU expands into Eastern Europe it is questionable whether the film industry is prepared for this important historical event. That is one of the main reasons why Film20 gathered industry players to Vienna and Berlin to discuss the implications and to pinpoint central issues for structuring the European film industry.