Hong Kong is set to receive its first permanent digitalcinema installation following a deal between technology provider H2H Digitaland cinema owner Sil-Metropole Organisation.

Thedigital screen will be installed in Sil-Metropole's CineArt House - one of HongKong's few cinemas dedicated to screening arthouse product. Under theagreement, H2H is supplying Sil-Metropole with a digital cinema server andprojector, using GDC Technology's DFP 2000 technology, which will be used topresent independent films, theatrical trailers, pre-show advertising andalternative programming.

H2H will also act as CineArt House's exclusive sales rep forall alternative content, digital films and special events.

In order to promote its digital screen, CineArt House anddistributor Intercontinental Video are planning a festival of Shaw Brothersmovies in July. Celestial Pictures is providing more than 20 titles from itsworld-famous Shaw Brothers library which will be encoded by GDC.

Hong Kong has so far lagged behind China in the digital racealthough Intercontinental's JP Cinema temporarily had a Christie DLP Cinemaprojector in 2003 which was used to present Finding Nemo.