Barcelona-based mini-studio The Filmax Group has closed a string of sales on four English-language titles from its Fantasic Factory sci-fi and terror genre division - Brian Yuzna's Faust, Jack Sholder's Arachnid, Stuart Gordon's Dagon and Yuzna's Beyond Reanimator.

StudioCanal has taken French-speaking European rights on the four titles while Helkon has taken German rights to all but Faust and Japan's World Television has acquired Dagon and Beyond Reanimator. Brazil's Flashstar has taken all four titles as did South Korea's Media Service, the Philippines' Pioneer, India's Lakshmi Pictures, Malaysia's Suraya, Indonesia's Menara, Taiwan's Ta Lai, Thailand's Mongkol and South Africa's Nu Metro.

Meanwhile, Filmax head of sales and acquisitions Antonia Nava has also pre-sold Jaume Balaguero's Darkness to France and Benelux (StudioCanal), Ad Movie (South Korea), Mongkol (Thailand), New Action (Taiwan), Malaysia (Suraya), India (Aditya) and the former Yugoslavia (AG Market).

Filmax is in the process of dividing its production activities into two genre divisions - Fantastic Factory, which will produce two to four $4-6m projects annually, and a second unnamed division for projects which Filmax president Julio Fernandez defines as having "multimedia" potential including merchandising, video games, spin-off TV series and Internet pages.

The multimedia division's leading project in development is Juanma Bajo Ulloa's Capitan Trueno (Captain Thunder), a medieval action tale on which Filmax is in co-production talks with Scandinavia and France. Budget will likely reach $10-15m for Trueno's 2001 shoot.