Filmax is to produce horror film Exorcismus with Luis De La Madrid directing and The Devil's Backbone writer David Munoz working on the script.

Currently at the pre-production stage, the film will explore the popular horror theme of exorcism, focusing on a young girl, Suzy, whose erratic behaviour forces her family to bring in a priest to try and resolve the problem through hypnosis. The disturbing results are recorded on a secret camera.

Filmax is looking to build on its reputation as a horror film specialist following the success of Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's [REC] and with a sequel in the works.

Exorcismus director De La Madrid has worked with Plaza before on the horror film, The Nun (La Monja), for which he picked up a best new director nomination at the Barcelona Film awards in 2006.

Filmax president Julio Fernandez will produce Exorcismus, which is being presented at AFM.