Filmax is prepping new English-language horror film Bloodline from award-winning short film director Nacho Cerda to be presented for the first time at the AFM.

Bloodline tells the story of an American film producer who returns to her native Russia following her mother's death and is forced to face her own foreshadowed demise on her family's abandoned property. Cerda wrote the screenplay with Karim Hussain (Ascension).

Also at the AFM, Filmax will present the final script for Jaume Balaguero's Fragile, the much-anticipated English-language follow-up to Darkness.

Set in a children's hospital on the Isle of Mann, about to be closed because of a mysterious deterioration in both the building and the patients' health, the film is currently being cast with American actors and planned for a spring shoot in and around Barcelona. Budgets for both films will depend on casting.

Finally, Filmax is presenting its newest animated feature, adventure-comedy Donkey-Xote, an adaptation of Don Quixote told from the perspective of the wandering knight's donkey. Josep Pozo (El Cid) directs from a script by Angel E. Pariente.