FilmFour hasannounced plans to continue its relationship with Michael Winterbottom andAndrew Eaton's Revolution Films by financing Winterbottom's next feature Genova.

Eaton said theproject's budget would be around $3.9m (£3m) and shooting is likely to start inthe autumn.

Laurence Coriat,who also collaborated with Winterbottom on 1999's Wonderland, wrote the screenplay. The story followsa US-UK family who moves to Genova after the mother's untimely death. Thefilm-makers describe it as "a coming of age story about love, grief andgrowing up."

Revolution iscurrently casting and Eaton says he plans to cast the roles of the twodaughters before casting the British father.

Revolution hasworked with Channel 4 and its film arm FilmFour on a number of recent projects,including Winterbottom's Berlinale Silver Bear winner The Road to Guantanamo and previous feature 24 Hour PartyPeople. Revolution alsorecently started a TV division which has a first-look deal with Channel 4.Eaton said three TV projects would be announced soon.

"It is a testament to the enormous scope of Michael and the team at Revolution Films' talent that every story they tell is alwaysunexpected, adventurous and passionate, exactly the vision we aspire to at FilmFour," said Tessa Ross, headof FilmFour and Channel 4 drama.

Eaton said he andWinterbottom were happy to be working with FilmFour after a positive experienceon Guantanamo."When we did Road to Guantanamo, there was no script, so that was a big act of faithon Tessa's part," Eaton says. "She was really pleased with how thatturned out. So it's easy to go back and work together on another film."

Genova will be shot in Italy althoughpost-production will be done in the UK. "This is a good example of how thenew tax credit works," Eaton says. "It's discouraging us from using aBritish crew abroad," The new credit will apply only to the UK spend of afilm's budget, and not money spent on foreign soil.

He added,"I'm hoping we can lobby the Inland Revenue to change the way the creditworks but that could take time. The net benefit to us could be more like 10%than 20%."