FilmFour has partnered with UK production outfit Revolution Films on UK actor Stephen Fry's Bright Young Things, a self-penned adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's 1930s satire Vile Bodies. Fry confirmed Judi Dench and Peter O'Toole are attached to star as part of a Gosford Park-style ensemble of UK and US actors. Shooting is scheduled for September

"Its essentially a story about night clubbing, drugs and drink and therefore has nothing in connection whatsoever to the modern age," Fry quipped to the buyers at Cannes.

FilmFour chief Paul Webster also announced Shaun Of The Dead, a romantic-comedy-action-zombie movie from the team behind Channel 4's surrealistic sitcom Spaced. Writer-director Edgar Wright and writer-actor Simon Pegg developed the genre-bending project, while Nira Park will produce.

"A naturalistic character comedy about our zombified couch potato culture, into which crashes a real zombie action movie," said James Wilson, deputy head of production. "Edgar is that rare director who can create a singular world, so you know you're going to be taken somewhere bold."

Webster said that Wright and Pegg's description of the film was "Richard Curtis shot through the head by George Romero."