FilmFour is teaming withElizabeth Karlsen's production outfit Number 9 on two new projects- an English language remake of Lukas Moodysson's Swedish hit Together and a film of the cult novel The Deadly Percheron by John Franklin Bardin, to which they have optionedthe rights.

The Together remake will be set in the US, but Moodysson and hisproducer Lars Jonsson will act as executive producers and consult on the choiceof writer and director. A huge success on the festival circuit, Together follows the members of a 70s commune and how itchanges when a woman arrives with her two children.

FilmFour and Number 9negotiated a deal for the rights to the film with Memfis Film in which it ispartnered on Thomas Vinterberg's upcoming It's All About Love. Karlsen will produce the remake, andFilmFour's CEO Paul Webster will executive produce with Moodysson andJonsson. The project will be overseen by FilmFour deputy head of productionElinor Day and LA-based senior vice president, production, Rebecca Yeldham.

The Deadly Percheron will be co-developed with Stephen Woolley and NeilJordan's production outfit Company Of Wolves. The film is a crime storyof madness, amnesia and the fragile nature of identity, which will again beoverseen by Day and Yeldham. Karlsen will again produce, with Woolley, Jordanand Webster executive producing.

Due for delivery fromFilmFour this year are It's All About Love, Shane Meadows' OnceUpon A Time In The Midlands and Danny De Vito's Death To Smoochy, aWarner Bros production on which it is partnered.

Karlsen's credits as aproducer include Terence Davies' The Neon Bible, Angela Pope's The Hollow Reed, Mark Herman's Little Voice and Herman's Purely Belter. She was also a co-producer on The Crying Game. Number 9 is the new name for her company which wasformerly known as Mumbo Jumbo Films.