UK distributors FilmFour and Pathe Distribution have snapped up Like Hell: Jeepers Creepers 2 from US sales agent Myriad Pictures through their busy buying alliance.

The original Jeepers Creepers took almost $50m in the US and $10m in the UK, where it was released by Helkon SK. United Artists and Zoetrope Pictures have teamed with the original filmmakers, writer-director Victor Salva and producer Tom Luse, on the sequel.

Pathe and FilmFour have just announced the joint acquisition of Bullet Proof Monk from Signpost Films. The partners also bought K-PAX and Resident Evil through the alliance, under which the distributors share costs and profits on large-scale films.

In Jeepers Creepers 2, a group of Varsity basketball players, cheerleaders and coaches battle against a winged, flesh-eating creature called the Creeper when their bus breaks down on a remote highway. The picture is financed by Myriad Pictures and MGM. Executive Producers are Kirk D'Amico and Philip von Alvensleben for Myriad and Francis Ford Coppola and Bobby Rock for Zoetrope.