FilmFour has promoted Peter Carlton, head of FilmFour Lab, to senior commissioning editor for FilmFour.

Carlton now has increased commissioning responsibility andwill work closely with FilmFour head Tessa Ross to commissionprojects and executive produce films at a variety of budget levels.

Despite movingaway from the "Lab" tag, Carlton will continue to be responsible for newtalent and innovative low-budget work (including FilmFour'srole in Warp X).

Carlton had been head of FilmFourLab since September 2003 working on titles such as Me You And Everyone We Know, Dead Man's Shoesand Brothers Of The Head.

Tessa Ross, headof FilmFour and Channel 4 Drama said: "Peter's energy and passionfor film have provided a unique contribution to Film4's success over the lastfew years, his ability to seek out the most pioneering filmmakers and supportthem in realising their vision is second to none. I am delighted to haveexpanded Peter's role so that he can continue this work across a broaderplatform. At the heart of Film4 we want a team that put cinematic bravery andrisk taking back into the British film industry, and this is exactly what Iknow Peter will offer."