FilmFour International, the sales arm of the UK's FilmFour, has sold Peter Cattaneo's Our Lucky Break to Amuse for Japan.

The UK comedy, Cattaneo's follow-up to The Full Monty, also went to Academy/Lady Film for Italy and Rosebud for Greece. Paramount and Miramax Films acquired territories including the US earlier in the market.

Sad Fuckers Club, the tentatively titled debut from director-producer team John McKay and Lee Thomas, went to Vertigo for Spain. The film also sold to Turkey (Piano); Greece (Prooptiki); and former Yugoslavia (Discovery).

Vertigo also took Purely Belter for Spain, while Pan Europeenne closed on French rights and Academy/Lady Film bought Italy. Fox Searchlight took all rights to Sexy Beast in South Africa and Turkey, while Charlotte Gray, the first production in FilmFour's longterm pact with Warner Bros, went to the Middle East (Jaguar Films) and Turkey (Umut Filmcilik).

Some Voices sold to the Czech and Slovak Republics (SPI); former Yugoslavia (Discovery); Iceland (Haskolabio); and Poland (SPI).

Discovery picked up Large for former Yugoslavia, while SPI took Hotel Splendide for the Czech and Slovak Republics and Gregory's 2 Girls for Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics.