Despite being barred from competing for the Academy Awards, FilmFour's 1997 title Croupier is to get a UK re-release following its success in North America this year.

Mike Hodges' revitalised tale of an aspiring writer drawn into London's gambling world will go out early next year. FilmFour originally offloaded Croupier through UK cultural body the British Film Institute, which gave the film a limited theatrical outing after its re-release of Hodges' Get Carter.

But while interest has surged in the picture after it took $6m in North America this year, FilmFour will be unable to capitalise on an Oscar run because the American Academy has ruled the film ineligible. The Academy made the ruling because the film has been broadcast twice on TV in international markets, making it ineligible under Academy rules.

Hodges said: "I'm very gratified by the response to Croupier in North America. But its most important benefit may be the new opportunity to reach an audience in my own country."

Jonathan Cavendish, the film's producer added: "Mike Hodges is one of the best directors in Europe and it's exciting that North American audiences have reminded everyone of that fact."