Addingone print in its second week, the new hit from producer Markus Selin anddirector Aleksi Makela, private eye thriller Vares, actually grossed 35%more this weekend taking Euros 204,298 compared to last week's Euros 151,496,and improved its screen average from Euros 3,787 to Euros 4,983.

In itsopening week last week is muscled Spider-Man2 from the top spot grossing Euros 151,496 from 40 prints.

Vares astonishing secondweek result left this week's new releases little chance to get near the top,though Dawn Of The Dead opened thirdwith a reasonable Euros 4,343 average on 10 prints, placing it third. Godsend just made it into the top 10, asit opened its three prints with a slim Euros 2,693 average on tenth.