The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King's release on 68 prints in Finland set as many records as elsewhere, and it meant that the new Finnish film, Ilkka Vanne's Land Of Love (aka Love of An Alien), didn't really stand a chance at the box-office despite its 41 prints.

The local comedy sees a man get entangled in a circle of lies and find out that he has suddenly changed his name, nationality and skin color for the sake of love. It only mastered a 132 admission screen average compared to Finding Nemo's 165 on 54, and the other new release Freaky Friday's solid 556 on just six prints.

Land Of Love is produced by Marko Rohr of MRP Matila Rohr Productions, and star Irina Björklund, Ville Haapasalo and Katja Kukkola.