Indian TV network Zee has signed a deal with France TV and Silhouette Films to co-produce One Dollar Curry, the first time France and India have allied on a film.

The Euros 2m film will star Smriti Mishra and be directed by Paris based Indian filmmaker Vijay Singh (Jaya Ganga). The shooting for One Dollar Curry, which is a cross-over film revolving around an Indian immigrant who makes it big in France by opening the first Indian mobile kitchen, will begin in July 2003

Zee Telefilms chief Subhash Chandra told Screen: "This co-production with France, which is also the first of its kind in India, is the first step towards producing cross-over films by Zee Network and will also offer other companies in India an example to enter global markets thereby help the growth of India's film industry". Zee TV had earlier produced the $5m Gadar the highest grosser in India in 2001.