The inaugural Copenhagen ThinkTank, which took place last week, has been pronounceda success by organisers.

"I think it wasextraordinary. We had 170 people there, representing 34 countries including Australia and Canada," the Danish Film Institute's chief executiveHenning Camre said. During the conference, delegatesbrainstormed strategies for "strengthening and reinvigorating European film."

Over their three days in Copenhagen, delegates (including representatives from mostmajor European film agencies) were assigned to a series of five working groups.Keynote speakers included UK producer Lord Puttnam.Delegates also met Lars Von Trier at a dinner hostedby Zentropa.

"What came back very clearlyis that everyone wants us to continue. There is no point in doing this unlessit is a continued process....We really wanted to see if we had a viable form," Camre said. "So many people said it was a new andinteresting form and it must continue."

The ThinkTank'sadvisory group will be kept together. Whether the next event will take place inCopenhagen remains to be seen.

Camre suggested that it might now make sense for the eventto be held elsewhere. "If you do it in Spain or if you do it in Germany it will have a different flavour," he said.

The long-term goal, Camre said, is "to build a consensus about European filmpolicy." In the short term, the ThinkTank plans topublish a report in late August or early September with "ideas andrecommendations" generated through the meeting. This report is likely to bepresented at one of the early autumn festivals.