A new UK film industry marketing company launches this week, aiming to provide distributors with market research about their films via the internet.

Called Firstmovies.com, the service has been set up by Chris Ward, managing director of youth marketing agency Beatwax Communications. Film Council deputy chairman Stewart Till has been appointed chairman of the company.

The service operates by offering exclusive previews to movie fans, who then contribute their reviews to the Firstmovies.com site. This feedback can then used by distributors and exhibitors to fine-tune their marketing campaigns.

Firstmovies.com will also offer movie fans information and special offers for films. The site already claims to have 25,000 user base numbers, having soft launched in February. It has already held preview screenings for a number of films including Scream 3, Gladiator and The Green Mile.

Ward commented: "Firstmovies.com provides the film industry with research on who will see their film and then gives them a direct channel to tell those consumers about it."

The service says it aims to capture 150,000 users within its first year of operation.

  • Last week saw the launch of in-movies.co.uk, a web channel offering over 100 rarely seen British and foreign short films free to view over the internet. The service will also commission new short films.