Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle was the clear winnerat Taiwan's 42nd Golden Horse Award in Keelung, picking up fiveprizes, including Best Feature Film and Best Director.

Benny Chan's Divergence was another to enjoymultiple successes with three key awards for acting, photography andediting.

Johnnie To's Election, Andrew Lau's Initial D, Hou Hsiao-hsien's Three Times and Lin Yu-hsien's Jump! Boys took two prizes each in an award ceremony that spread23 prizes over 13 different films.

The biggest surprise ofthe evening was the failure of Tsai Ming-liang's award-winningThe Wayward Cloud - the highest-grossinglocal film of 2005 - to pick up a single honour.

It had been nominated forBest Feature, Best Director and Best Leading Actress. Tsai is shooting in Malaysia and was unable to attend tonight'sceremony.

Last year's event wasdistinguished by a shortage of celebrity presenters and the one-off use ofbronze statues for the awards.

This year both the starsand gold statues returned. Theguest presenters included Takeshi Kaneshiro, Charlie Young, Rena Tanaka and Frenchactor Romain Duris.

Among the most popularawards of the evening were Best Leading Actress for Shu Qi in Three Times, Best Supporting Actressfor Yuen Qiu in Kung Fu Hustle, Best NewPerformer for Jay Chou in Initial D and BestDocumentary for Lin Yu-hsien's Jump!Boys. Latter was joined on stage bythe young gymnastics team that are the focus of his film.

This year's LifetimeAchievement Award was presented to 88-year-old actor Ke Hsiang-ting. Born in Xuzhou in China's Jiangsu province,his credits include Lee Hsing's BeautifulDuckling (1964), Pai Ching-jui's Lovein a Cabin (1972), Chen Kaige's TemptressMoon (1995) and Xie Jin's TheOpium War (1996).

For the final selection,directors Kaizo Hayashi and Kwak Jae-yong from Japan and Korea respectivelyjoined a local jury comprising of director Richard Chen, composer Gerald Shih,critic Lao Chia-hua, director Peter Yung, actress Chen Chiu-yen, cinematographerChen Huai-en, professor Tseng Hsi-pa, producer Huang Liming and programmer WenTien-hsiang.


Best Feature Film
Presenter: Richard Chen& Barrie Osborne
Kung Fu Hustle (dir. Stephen Chow)
Best Director
Presenter: Ang Lee &Kaneshiro Takeshi
Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle)
Best Leading Actor
Presenter: HouHsiao-hsien & Yang Kuei-mei
Aaron Kwok (Divergence)
Best Leading Actress
Presenter: Johnnie To& Tony Leung Ka-fai
Shu Qi (Three Times)
Best Supporting Actor
Presenter: Aaron Kwok& Miriam Yeung
Anthony Wong (Initial D)
Best Supporting Actress
Presenter: Anthony Wong& Gigi Leung
Yuen Qiu (Kung Fu Hustle)
Best New Performer
Presenter: Tony Yang& Guey Lun-mei
Jay Chou (Initial D)
Best Original Screenplay
Presenter: ChristopherLee & Fann Wong
Election (Yau Nai-hoi & Yip Tin-shing)
Best Screenplay Adaption
Presenter: ChristopherLee & Fann Wong
A World Without Thieves (Feng Xiaogang, Wang Gang, Lin Lisheng& Zhang Jialu)
Best Cinematography
Presenter: Tsui Hark& Charlie Young
Divergence (Anthony Pun)
Best Film Editing
Presenter: Simon Yam& Kelly Lin
Divergence (Yau Chu-wai)
Best Sound Effects
Presenter: Yim Ho &Chen Kun
Election (May Mok & Charlie Lo)
Best Art Direction
Presenter: Blue Lan &Terri Kwan
The Shoe Fairy (WangYi-fei)
Best Make-up & Costume Design
Presenter: Blue Lan &Terri Kwan
Kung Fu Hustle (Shirley Chan)
Best Action Choreography
Presenter: Yuen Wai &Yuan Qiu
Seven Swords (Lau Kar-leung, Stephen Tung & Xiong Xinxin)
Best Visual Effects
Presenter: Yuen Wai &Yuan Qiu
Kung Fu Hustle (Frankie Chung, Don Ma, Tam Kai-kwan & FrancoHung)
Best Original Film Score
Presenter: Anthony WongYiu-ming & Michelle Krusiec
Blue Cha-Cha (Cin Cin Lee)
Best Original Film Song
Presenter: Anthony WongYiu-ming & Michelle Krusiec
Jump! Boys (James Ho)
Best Documentary
Presenter: Chen Po-lin& Tanaka Rena
Jump! Boys (dir: Lin Yu-hsien)
Best Short Film
Presenter: Tony Yang& Guey Lun-mei
How's Life (dir. Yao Chih-wei)
Best Animation
Presenter: Chen Po-lin& Tanaka Rena
Fire Ball (dir. Wang Toon)
Audience Award
Presenter: Wang Hsiao-lan& Romain Duris
Saving Face (dir. Alice Wu)
Best Taiwan Film of the Year
Presenter: Chang Chen& Shu Qi
Three Times (dir. Hou Hsiao-hsien)
Taiwan Film Professional of the Year
Presenter: Chang Chen& Shu Qi
Hou Hsiao-hsien
Lifetime Achievement Award
Presenter: Lydia ShumKe