Conspiracao Filmes, theBrazilian production outfit behind Andrucha Waddington's House Of Sand and local hit Two Sons Of Francisco, has announced aslate of five features for 2007/08.

The first project, Right On! (PodeCrer!),is currently in post production for release early next year. Directed by ArthurFontes, the film is a coming-of-age story about seven high school graduates intheir last school year.

Other projects include:

-Leaving The Office (Largando OEscritorio). A comedy directed by Claudio Torres. Co-produced with Miravista,the film will be distributed in Latin America nextyear by Buena Vista International. Shooting starts in January.

-The Invisible Woman (A Mulher Invisivel). A romantic comedy alsodirected by Torres. Set for release in 2008, the film is a co-production withWarner Bros, which will handle Latin American distribution.

-Once Upon A Time In Rio (Era Uma Vez No Rio).Directed by Two Sons OfFrancisco's Breno Silveira, the film is a dramatic love story about a boyand a girl from different social classes. Columbia TriStar Filmes do Brasil isco-producing, and will release the film in Latin America in early 2008.

-Me And My Umbrella (Eu E MeuGuarda-Chuva). The feature directorial debut of Toni Vanzolini, this familyadventure will be co-produced and distributed in Latin America by Fox Films do Brasil.

Conspiracao,which this year celebrates its 15th anniversary, made the announcement at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival (Sept21 - Oct 5). A leading productionoutfit in Brazil, Conspiracao works across film, television andadvertising. With offices in Rio and Sao Paulo and a staff of 120 people, Conspiracao is owned by15 individual partners and the Brazilian investment bank Icatu.