The selection of films for Berlinale Special has beenfinalised. This film series has a varied programme with two football filmsfeaturing among the five world premieres which are, Luis Llosa'sThe Feast of the Goat (La Fiesta Del Chivo), based on the best-selling novel of the samename by Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa andstaring Isabella Rossellini playing a lawyer who returns to her native country,the Dominican Republic, after 30 years.

Neten Chokling'sworld premiere of his film Milarepa about the early origins of the Buddhist religionand the legendary Tibetan saint Milarepa.

Francois Girod's Un Ami Parfait, starring CaroleBouquet, Antoine de Caunes and Martina Gedeck in a tale about a journalist who suffers from apartial loss of memory.

With football fever gripping the world there are two filmsshowing about the 'beautiful' game, Gerardo Olivares' La Gran Final set against the backdrop ofthe World Cup 2002, following three parallel stories about fans who come whatmay want to see the final match between Brazil and Germany and Paul Crowder andJohn Dower's documentary Once In ALifetime depicting the fate of the Cosmos New York football team whoseplayers included Pele and Franz Beckenbauer.

In addition there will be screenings of Robert Benigni's new film TheTiger And The Snow, as well as FrediMurer's Vitus, and Julien Temple's music documentary Glastonbury.