Screen samples some Norwegian delights before a screening of crime thriller Headhunters.

When it comes to screenings, us film journalists are an easy bunch to please. Give us a drink and we’re happy; add some crisps or popcorn into the equation and we’re perfectly contented.

Lay on a platter of smoked salmon, prawns, cured meats and other such delicacies washed down with some choice spirits however, and we’re pretty much anybody’s.

That was precisely what awaited us as we arrived at a Soho screening of Morten Tyldum’s Norwegian crime thriller Headhunters, which is released in the UK on April 6 through Momentum Pictures.

Treats on offer included canapés from the Scandanavian Kitchen – our favourite was probably the addictively delectable offering of egg and Scandanavian prawns on light rye bread – and a sweeter treat in the form of Kvikk Lunsj which, upon further inspection, turned out to essentially be a Norwegian Kit Kat, only more wafery but just as tasty.

The main event undoubtedly though was the gorgeous juniper smoked salmon, served up in chunky slices on crackers by chef Ole-Martin Hansen (of Hansen & Lydersen) who was also on hand to provide a demonstration of how to prepare it.

All of this was washed down with the traditional spirit aquavit which we were informed (warned?) to sip. Rightly so to, the aniseed-tasting spirit certainly warming the cockles with a slight throat burn, thankfully offset with the Norwegian beer also on offer.

To paraphrase a popular cookery show…screenings don’t come much better than this.

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