Dir: Bill Guttentag

Dist: Pretty Pictures

130,207 admissions


Dir: Adrienne Shelly

Dist: 20th Century Fox

41,449 admissions


Dir: Mitchell Lichtenstein

Dist: TFM

40,237 admissions

Broken English

Dir: Zoe Cassavetes

Dist: Eurozoom

31,061 admissions

Grace Is Gone

Dir: James C Strouse

Dist: TFM

20,446 admissions

Never Forever

Dir: Gina Kim

Dist: Surreal Distribution

15,984 admissions

The Dead Girl

Dir: Karen Moncrieff

Dist: ARP

15,320 admissions

For Your Consideration

Dir: Christopher Guest

Dist: CTV International

761 admissions

No French distribution: Factory Girl, Rocket Science and Ira And Abby