Shooting has begun onlocation in Glasgow on The Flying Scotsman, the feature debut of TVveteran Douglas Mackinnon.

Thierry Wase-Bailey's newsales outfit Celsius has taken on international sales for the film, which starsJohnny Lee Miller (Melinda and Melinda), with Billy Boyd (The Lord ofthe Rings trilogy), Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy) and LauraFraser (A Knight's Tale) in support.

Peter Broughan (Rob Roy)is producing for Mel Films, and also co-wrote the script with John Brown,Declan Hughes and Simon Rose.

The Flying Scotsman tells the true story of celebrated Scottish cyclistGraeme Obree, a former world champion who broke the world one-hour record on abike of his own design, made partly out of sections of a washing machine. The film follows Obree's victories on thetrack and his own battle with mental health problems.

Production is beingco-funded by Scottish Screen (who are investing £500,000). Shooting will take place in Scotland forfour weeks, followed by two weeks in Germany.

Celsius will launchinternational sales for The Flying Scotsman at the Toronto InternationalFilm Festival in September.

Producer/co-writer Broughancommented: "It is an absolute joy to see a film celebrating one of Scotland'smost deserving sporting heroes actually begin production. We have a wonderful cast and crew, and adirector who is absolutely determined to give Graeme's story the treatment itdeserves"

Tim Grohne, head ofmarketing and distribution at Celsius, said: "We're delighted to be handling TheFlying Scotsman. It's a great project."