DreamWorks International's MeetThe Fockers continued to dominate the international box office over theweekend, adding an estimated $20.8m on 4,185 screens in 48 territories throughUIP for a $184.7m international running total.

Strong holdovers saw the picturestay top in Germany, France and Austria as it grossed $5m on 629 for $12.2m,$2.8m on 591 for $8.7m, and $1m on 110 for $2.6m respectively.

In Spain Meet The Fockersadded $1.5m in its fourth weekend for an unspecified running total, while itstayed in second place in Italy on $2.7m for $16m, and stayed second in the UKin its fifth weekend behind Fox International's Hide And Seek, adding$2.2m for $49.8m.

The only new launch was inNew Zealand, where the comedy sequel opened top on $524,000 at 53 venues andenjoyed 49% market share. It was UIP's eighth biggest opening ever andDreamWorks International's third biggest ever in the territory behind Shrek2 and Gladiator.

Paramount's The SpongebobSquarepants Movie grossed $2.4m on 1,921 screens in 19 territories throughUIP for $44.4m. The family picture added $1m for $9.1m in the UK, where it wasexpected to rank fifth.

DreamWorks International's SharkTale grossed $3m on 351 in its final major market of Italy and the animatedpicture has amassed $169.4m internationally.

Warner Bros PicturesInternational's Constantine added an estimated $19.45m on 3,695 prints in 25 territories, to raise its early international running total to $54.5m.

The supernatural thrilleropened top in Australia on $3m on 288 and opened well in Italy on $2.3m on360 for an unspecified ranking that will be confirmed on Monday.

Constantine opened in second place in Mexico on $2.1m on 486, andopened top in Thailand on $1.2m including previews on 220.

In holdovers, Constantineadded $2.1m on 513 for $6.7m in Germany, and stayed top in Spain on $1.7m on309 for $5m. France added $2.1m for a $6.6m cumulative total. All figures arefor the second weekend.

In its third weekend, thepicture added $860,500 for $9.9m in South Korea, $232,800 on 95 for $5.5m inTaiwan, and raised its Hong Kong total to $2.6m.

The Aviator grossed $2.2m on 1,024 prints in 13 Warner Bros territories, raising the running total to $13.3m.

A Very Long Engagement added $872,000 for $54.6m, while Ocean's Twelve added $2.7m on 1,112 prints in 32 territories for $231m, and The Polar Express climbed to $118.9m.

Fox International's Hide And Seek grossed $9.8m on 2,201 screens in 25 markets for a $22.5m international running total, powered by a handful of number one debuts in major markets.

The thriller opened top in the UK on $3.1m in 345 sites, top in South Korea on $1.6m on 120 screens, and top in Brazil on $622,000 on 229.

It opened in France on $1.2m on 301 for an unspecified ranking, and dominated several smaller markets including Hong Kong on $318,000 on 30, and Lithuania on $13,000 on four. Hide And Seek opened in second place in Taiwan on $604,000 on 95.

Sideways added $3.8m on 1,287 screens in 45 markets for $20m and distinguished itself with strong holds across the board.

The picture climbed 11% in its second weekend in Spain on $878,000 on 165 for $1.9m, and added $518,000 on 165 in its fifth weekend in the UK for a $5m running total there. Mexico opened on $100,000 on 80.

Universal'sRay grossed $4m on 1,000 screens in 32 territories through UIP for $25m,powered by a $2.1m launch in France on 259 screens. The pictureopened in sixth place in South Korea on $300,000 on 70.

Thethriller White Noise raised its early international running total to $4mand there are 13 territories still to open including Mexico next week.

HouseOf Flying Daggers currently stands at 5.3m following openings in France, Australia and NewZealand.

Finding Neverland added $3m at the weekend in Buena Vista International(BVI) markets for a $31m internationalrunning total. In its third weekend in Spain the picture added $1m for $4.6mand fourth place.

Shall We Dance has reached $61m through BVI and $75m through alldistributors. In its second weekend in the UK the romantic comedy added $1.2mfor $4.2m and third place.

Wild Bunch 2 added $1.6m in its second weekend in Germany for$4.3m. It just opened in Austria on $150,000, approximately twice as much asthe original opened there.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie added $1.2m for a $6.9m early international cumulativetotal from active markets in Scandinavia and Poland.

The Incredibles added $1m for $368m and The Aviator stands at$25.3m through BVI markets after a $700,000 weekend haul.

Hitch added $2.8m on 782 screensin six markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) for a $6.2mearly running total.

Highlightswere number one debuts in South Africa and Taiwan on $440,000 on 80 and$360,000 on 20 respectively. Israel also produced a number one launch on $205,000 on 26.

Decentholds in Mexico and Brazil saw the romantic comedy rank second in both marketsas it grossed $1.1m on 350 for $3.3m and $635,000 on 211 for $1.8mrespectively.

Spanglish added $1.8m on 1,081 screens in six markets for $5.7m. It opened in theUK on $570,000 on 360 and opened in fourth place in Sweden on $70,000 on 40.

Alexander added $693,000 on 264 screens through Summit Entertanment in its fourth weekend in Japan, raising the total there to $9.8m. Overall the picture grossed $850,000 and the international running total stands at $131m.

Racing Stripes added $950,000 on 640 screens in seven territories for $19m, while Around The World In 80 Days stands at $47.8m.