DreamWorks International'scomedy sequel Meet The Fockers got the better of Warner Bros'supernatural thriller Constantine over the weekend to maintain itsstatus as the leading international picture, adding an estimated $27.5m throughUIP to raise the cumulative total to $152m.

Opening highlights included$5.7m on 611 screens in Germany, $4.5m on 604 in France, $1.2m in Belgium, and$950,000 on 100 in Austria - all at number one.

The picture stayed top inits fourth consecutive weekend in the UK on $3.9m for a stunning $46.8m runningtotal there, and added $3.8m in its second weekend in Italy for $11.7m, and$2.1m for $12.3m in Spain.

The SpongeBob SquarePantsMovie added $3.9m for $39.7m. Thefamily picture added $2.1m for $7.7m in the UK, and raised its running total inFrance by $850,000 to $2.3m, with the main Paris holidays coming up this week.

Warner Bros' Constantinegrossed $15.5m to raise its international running total after a couple of weeksto a highly promising $30.7m.

Opening highlights include$3.6m on 491 prints for second place in France, $3.8m on 308 for second placein Germany, and $2.7m on 308 for first place in Spain. The picture also openedtop in the Philippines on $670,000 on 107.

Second weekend holds in Asiaproduced $1.4m on 149 for $8.2m in South Korea, $544,000 on 135 for $4.9m inTaiwan, and $377,000 on 35 for $2.4m in Hong Kong.

Ocean's Twelve grossed $4.5m on 1,418 screens in 35 markets for$225.8m, The Aviator added $2.7m on 1,031 screens in 12 Warner Brosmarkets for $10m, Alexander took $339,000 on 417 in nine Warner Brosmarkets for $32.9m, and A Very Long Engagement added $1.4m on 992 in 35for $53.1m.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational opened the romantic comedy Hitch at number one in Mexicoand Brazil.

The picture, which isclosing on $100m in North America after two weekends, opened in Mexico on $1.4mon 350 prints and grossed $760,000 on 211 in Brazil. Its early internationalrunning total stands at $2.2m.

Closer added $2.7m for $767.5m and is expected to reach$80m with roughly 15 markets still to open including Japan.

Fox International's Sidewaysadded $4.4m from 43 markets for $14.4m. Opening highlights were $780,000 on 165screens in Spain, an excellent $690,000 on

163 in Italy, $68,000 on 50in South Korea, and an excellent $59,000 on 10 in Argentina.

After two weekends thepicture has amassed $1.7m in France and Germany, while the UK and Australiastand at $4.1m and $2.3m respectively after four.

Hide And Seek grossed $3.2m in 15 markets and raised itsinternational running total to $11.3m. The highlights were two excellent debutsin Singapore and New Zealand that produced $282,000 on 27 screens and $159,000on 35 respectively.

In its second weekends inMexico and Australia the thriller added $1.2m on 421 for $4.2m and $777,000on 204 for $2.4m respectively.

Buena Vista International's(BVI) The lncredibles became the 19th biggest international release ofall time over the weekend after adding $1.2m for $365.5m.

The animated family titleadded $455,000 and stayed top in its third weekend in Hong Kong to raise thecumulative total there to $4m.

National Treasure added $1.1m for $143.2m, powered by a $250,000number one hold in its second weekend in Denmark for a $675,000 running total.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie grossed $1.7m for $5m in a successful weekend thatsaw the animated family title rank top in four out of its five active markets.

Highlights included $400,000for $905,000 after two weekends in Sweden, and $265,000 for $895,000 in Norway.

Miramax International's FindingNeverland added $3.9m for $2.9m in BVI markets, which included second placeand $1.3m for $3.4m after two weekends in Spain, and second place and $1.2m for$6.5m after three in Italy. Another Miramax International release, TheAviator, added $1m for $23.3m in BVI markets.

Two foreign languagepictures performed well for BVI. These were German pick-up The Wild Bunch 2,which grossed $2.4m in Germany, and penguin documentary The Emperor'sJourney, which continued a mighty French run with $1.4m in its fourthweekend for a $9.7m running total there.

Universal's spy sequel TheBourne Supremacy added $1.3m in Japan through UIP for $6.3m after twoweekends, while Ray added $1.8m on 1,150 prints in 35 markets for $20m.

UIP opened Focus Features'martial arts epic House Of Flying Daggers in fifth place in Australia on$750,000 on 107, and in third place in New Zealand on $122,000 on 124. Theinternational running total from both Antipodean markets and France stands at$4.4m.

The thriller White Noiseopened in fourth place in Brazil on $245,000 on 94 and the picture has grossed$2.5m from all its markets to date.

The German animated title Felix,which Universal acquired for German-speaking territories, added $890,000 on 528in its second weekend in Germany for $4.4m, and has grossed $6m in all itsmarkets so far.

Bridget Jones: The EdgeOf Reason stands at $189m in UIPmarkets and $205m through all distributors including Mars in France. It is dueto open in Japan on Mar 19.

Racing Stripes added $1.9m on 700 screens in seven Summit Entertainment markets as it raised the international running total to $17.8m.

The family picture benefited from half-term school holidays in the UK last week and grossed more than $1.6m for an $8.8m cumulative total there. Elsewhere it has amassed $6.5m in Australia and just over $1m in Belgium.

Alexander raised its total in Summit markets by $1.3m to $128.5m. The weekend highlight was Japan, where it added $905,000 on 264 screens for $8m.

Around The World In A Day is inching towards $50m and currently stands on $ 47.3m.

New Line International's (NLI) Blade 3 raised its cumulative total to $56.9m after a smattering of Eastern European and Baltic debuts. After The Sunset stands at $19.4m and The Notebook has grossed $27.4m to date.

After a couple of weekends in the UK, NLI's Son Of The Mask has amassed $4.7m and is the only international release of note to date.