Focus Features International has reported its most successful Cannes ever, preselling "pretty much the entire slate" according to president Alison Thompson here yesterday. Thompson said thatthe company had closed 110 deals on its new titles, demonstrating, she said, thatthe company continues to sell films contrary to market speculation that Focustitles would be fed increasingly through Universal International.

She also said that the company is avoiding commitment to any longterm output deals and spreads the films as much aspossible across a variety of distributors in each territory.

In France, Focus sold David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises as well as the comedy Balls Of Fury to Metropolitan; Zhang Yimou's The Curse OfThe Golden Flower went to M6/SND in France as did horror remake TheHitcher, while Michel Gondry's next film Be Kind Rewind starring Jack Black andPeter Hedges' Dan In Real Life withSteve Carrell went to Europa.

In Germany,Senator took Be Kind Rewind, Telemuenchen took DanIn Real Life and Tobistook Eastern Promises and Sean Penn'sInto The Wild.

In Japan,Tohokushinsha bought Eastern Promises and Be KindRewind, while Style Jam took Into The Wild.

In the UK,Pathe bought EasternPromises and Be Kind Rewind,while Icon bought Dan InReal Life.

Icon also bought Dan In Real Life as well as The Hitcher for Australia;Roadshow bought EasternPromises, Balls Of Fury and Be KindRewind.

In Scandinavia, SandrewsMetronome bought Be Kind Rewind,while Svensk took DanIn Real Life, Eastern Promises and Balls Of Fury.

Thompson said she is still in final negotiations on the films in Italy and that in the beleaguredterritory of Spain; they will likely go throughUniversal International;