Producer Lars Jönsson of Memfis Film has revealed further details of Swedish wunderkind Lukas Moodysson's $12m English-language debut Mammoth (on TrustNordisk's Cannes slate.)

On Sunday, there will be a closed screening for selected distributors of the first footage from the film, which stars Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams.

Veteran US distributor Bob Berney, one of a number of international buyers who have supported Moodysson throughout his career, is among those expected to attend.

Mammoth will be ready for a Swedish premiere in the beginning of 2009, with international festivals to follow. The Berlinale, where several of Moodysson's previous features have shown, looks a likely destination for the film's international premiere.

The film tells the story of a successful New York couple Leo (Bernal) and Ellen (Williams), their eight-year old daughter Jackie and their Filipino nanny Gloria. On a business trip to Thailand Leo realizes that he wants to change his life. His decision sets in motion a highly intense and dramatic chain of events.

'With Mammoth we're trying to create a commercial arthouse film. The same way as Together or Fucking Åmål (aka Show me love) was,' commented Jönsson of the film, which has been shooting on three continents. Production took place in New York City, Thailand, The Phillipines and Sweden.

Memfis is the main financier together with The Swedish Film Institute and local film fund Film i Väst. It's a co-production with Germany and Denmark.

'Although the scope of Mammoth is bigger than his previous films, I tried to create a premise where Lukas can still work intimate with the cast and crew,' the producer stated.

Most key territories on the film remain open. 'The film was financed in such a way that we are in no hurry to sell territories,' Jönsson commented. Some deals may be concluded during Cannes but the producer said that he was 'very open to wait until the film is more finished.'