Harry Potter AndThe Prisoner Of Azkabancontinued its unstoppable domination of the international box office, adding afurther 2,070 screens in 16 more territories to gross $66.4m in 40 countriesover the weekend - a slight 24% drop on its opening take.

The performance,given the competing appeal of the fine weather across Europe and the Euro 2004football matches, indicates that the third instalment in the Potter franchisecould easily achieve $500m-plus internationally - given that there are stillsome 22 territories to release the film.

Similarly, the twoother box-office juggernaughts withstood the competing appeal of televisedfootball. Both The Day After Tomorrowand Troy saw modest declines, with Tomorrow slipping 40% in its third week- and having lost 697 screens, to $33.4m and Troy slipping 28%, having shed1,600 screens to gross $16.6m.

Other titles, withthe exception of some Asian movies, suffered greater declines over the weekend,with many European markets experiencing a particularly sharp fall on Sundayevening due to the football coverage. The UK, for example, saw more than 20million TV viewers watch England vs France on Sunday night.

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